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Why is it so easy to lose at a casino?  Why do they know about human nature that you don’t?  It is all about the subconscious triggers.

 In his book Triggers, best-selling author Joseph Sugarman reveals that 95 percent of the reasoning behind a consumer's behavior is associated with a subconscious feeling. In other words, most behavior is done for reasons a person hasn't even fully formulated.

Whether we realize it or not, we love shortcuts to thinking. When we buy an item, we don't always take the time to research the product or read the latest consumer guide's ratings on the product. Instead, we could rely on the salesperson's advice. We might just buy the most popular brand, the cheapest, or rely on a friend’s opinion.

Although we would never admit it, we sometimes even buy an item just because of its color, smell or packaging. Certainly, we know this is not the best way to make decisions, but we all do it anyway, even when we know we might make a mistake or feel regretful afterward. If we considered every single decision, we would constantly be overwhelmed our brain would be shut down and we'd never get anything done.

This tendency means that inclinations like "It just feels right," "I like this product," or "I don't trust this person" are all based on subconscious triggers. This thought and emotional reaction occur in the unconscious mind, without our awareness.  

The reason this happens is the Amygdala.  Joseph Ledoux of New York University says the amygdala allows emotions to dominate and control our thinking.  The amygdala has control over the cortex in the brain.   What does that mean?  The cortex is responsible for memory, perceptual awareness, thought, and consciousness.  The amygdala stores our memories that we associate with emotional events.  This means subconscious triggers are always occurring and triggering feelings and emotions usually without our awareness. 

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What triggers are getting you?  How do Las Vegas casinos utilize these against you?

Listen and find out.