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Can your prospect sense your fear?  Are you sure?  Confidence is a trait that increases charisma, influence and attracts people to you.  People love to follow and be influenced by others, when there is confidence in you and in your abilities.  Most people you meet suffer in the self-confidence arena, but your high confidence tends to make up for it.  Confidence breeds trust.  Demonstrating confidence in your field, in your industry and in your life, increases confidence in you. 

The people we admire and look up to the most are usually the type of people who know what they want and have the confidence to get it.  You must learn to communicate with great confidence and authority.  The perception of confidence is critical to maintain charisma.  The higher your confidence, the more charisma you radiate.   People read your confidence via your tone of voice, body language and other subconscious triggers. 

Those Wine Snobs….

True confidence is a state of mind.  At times in your life and in your career, your personal confidence gets smashed and it needs to be rebuilt.  Charismatic people can maintain confidence in all situations even if there have been defeats, setbacks or unpredicted outcomes.  We all have a tendency to feel insufficient or inferior at times.  When you lose faith in yourself or have had failures in your life, you lose confidence through fear.  Lack of confidence can be summed up in one word: fear.

 Fear can be defined as a magnified doubt.  All worries, questions, concerns, insecurities—can ultimately be traced back to fear in one form or another.   How do you exude charismatic confidence?

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