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How do you spot a liar?  How do you know if someone is really telling you the truth or they are trying to take advantage of you?  Deception and lying has been in the news lately.  How do you know who you can trust?  Who is telling the truth?  This knowledge will help every aspect of your life. 

The other challenge is when you get nervous or uneasy you might be showing signs of deception.  What I am saying here is that even if you are telling the truth, you might be sending signals of deception.  Your audience can’t always identify exactly what is making them distrustful, but they feel that way and that is all that matters to them.  What happens is we all have micro expressions that happen so rapidly the conscious mind can’t see them, but the subconscious can sense them. 

 The Newest Way to Tell When Someone Is Lying to You

Join me for this week’s podcast on How to Spot a Lie.  I will reveal the latest research on lying, deception and how to detect when someone is trying to deceive you.

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