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I was traveling with a famous personal development speaker (not going to reveal His name).  It had been a very long day and we arrived at our next destination.  It was very late at night and we were checking into our hotel for our speaking engagement the next day.  He asked the young lady for an upgrade and she said that they did not have any upgrades available.  He said, do you know who I am?  No, she said.  Do you know how often I frequent your hotel?  Sorry sir, I don’t, she politely responded.  He started to raise his voice and get angry. 

When she would not give him a complimentary upgrade, the anger escalated as he asked to see her manager.  She slowly said I am the manager.  He left disgruntled and he did not get his upgrade.  I approached the desk and said I am sorry for that, nobody should treat you like that.  She said that’s OK it is part of the job.  We chatted for a bit and I made sure there was a connection and at the end of our conversation she said, thank you for your patience, would you like a complimentary upgrade?

We have all had the experience of feeling an instant connection or bond with someone after just a few seconds of being in their presence. This is the Law of Connectivity. On the flip side, we have all met someone that rubbed us the wrong way or even repelled us.  We instantly did not want to be around them.  Then we meet some people we need to persuade and they don’t want to connect.  They want to get down to business.  Their face says, “Quit trying to be friendly – What’s the bottom line?”

6 Reasons Salespeople Win or Lose a Sale

How do you know in that first 30 seconds if you should try to connect with them or go straight into credibility?  What signs are you looking for?  How should you start your presentation?  Join me for this week’s podcast as I discuss when to know when to connect or when to build credibility.


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