Maximize Your Influence

Did you know that being nice or unselfish could hurt your ability to persuade?  What about those people that are so optimistic that you want to hit them?  

People don't really like unselfish colleagues

There are many tools of influence that are used in excess (or in the wrong way) – that can backfire on you.  What are those good things?  It could be any of the following:

 ·         Always volunteering to help

·         Being so nice that it repels

·         Unrealistic and unrelenting optimism

·         Proxemics and space

·         Wrong use of humor

·         Trying to connect, but bruising their ego

Join me for this week’s podcast on “How Being Nice Or Optimistic Hurts Persuasion.”  I will detail everything we have been taught we thought was a good thing, actually destroys the persuasion process.

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