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There are those dirty techniques that are very old school and can be very intimidating.  These dark mind tricks are being used against you.  These tricks are still being taught today especially in the world of negotiation.  I want to talk about these dirty tricks so you can be prepared against when they happen to you – not for you to use them.

10 Hard Bargaining Negotiation Skills

You have to understand the game of negotiation.  The challenge is many of you don’t want to play the game. Think about this…. If your prospect has come to play the game and you don't play the game, you're going to lose the game.  Why?  Because they were expecting to play the game. What does this mean? If you are looking to purchase a home and the listing price was perfect. You are thinking to yourself– that’s a fair price.  So you offer the asking price for the house knowing it is a win-win for both of you.  

An hour later you're getting a phone call as they back out of the deal because you created questions in their mind.  They start to think, wait a minute, that was way too easy. We were supposed to negotiate. What do they know that I don’t know?  Did the market change?  What happened?  You did not play the game.  So, if they're wanting to play the game, you've had to play the game.

Different players seem to play the game with different rules.  Some play dirty in the negotiation game.  Some have more experience, some are new, and some want to win the game at any cost.  Want to know how people cheat?  Listen to this week’s podcast on “Hard Negotiation Techniques – Those Dirty Tricks” to find out how the negotiation game is played.

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