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We have all seen great persuaders in action. We have been in the presence of persuasive experts who automatically attract everyone to them. Wherever they go, people are captivated and influenced by such individuals' radiant energy and dynamic personality. People just naturally want to be persuaded by them.  What makes them successful? 

These persuaders have adjusted or changed their persuasion techniques to match this new world of influence.
Persuasion and influence have dramatically changed in the past twenty years. Social media has changed the way we communicate.  Persuasion has changed.  Your consumer, your prospects, and your customers all have changed. According to Advertising Age Magazine, they are bombarded with more than 5000 persuasive messages a day.

This is the digital age. People are better educated and more skeptical than ever before. If you use only the same out-dated tactics that you learned years ago, you'll lose your ability to influence. Techniques that worked 5 years ago have lost their lustre. Why?

Our understanding of persuasion and influence has changed dramatically. In the past, we did not know or care how consumers thought or what prompted them to buy or take action. Most people in sales and marketing were shooting in the dark. We hoped that what we were doing was working. Dr Antonio Damasio of Iowa College of Medicine sums it up best: "More may have been learned about the brain and the mind this decade than during the entire previous history of psychology and neuroscience."

Why haven't most persuaders caught up with the times? Why are so many still using the old tools that should have been put to rest long ago? Are you one of them? When you are meeting with prospects, clients, or employees, are you a guest? An enemy? A pest? A product pusher? A pushover? Are you welcome or are you annoying?  
Think twice. Most people think they are a welcome guest, but the reality is—and the research shows—that you are more likely to be an annoying pest. They just never tell you. Times have changed, and we are no longer able to push people into buying a product or service. How can you adapt?

We need to be able to help them persuade themselves. To be an effective persuader, you must be able to bring your audience around to your way of thinking.  You can’t be the one that is throwing persuasion darts – hoping one of them will stick and win you the deal.  You must learn to adapt to the times.

Join me for this week’s podcast – Episode #300 (Woo-Hoo!!!) as I discuss all the changes in the world of persuasion and how to adjust.  Now only are you going to learn “How Persuasion Has Changed - And How To Adapt,” but also I will give you a free gift. 

Listen to find out the new tools and techniques and how to get your free gift – Power Negotiation Tools.

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