Maximize Your Influence

One of the major distinctions between mediocre persuaders and highly successful persuaders is the amount of talking they do and the number of questions they ask. We have found that great persuaders ask 2.7 more questions of their audience than average persuaders do. Think about that statistic. An average persuader will ask six questions; a great persuader will ask sixteen.

As you apply this principle in your persuasive encounters, always engage your audience with "easy" questions first. Let general questions precede specific ones. You want your audience to feel comfortable and relaxed, and people are encouraged by answers that they know are right, that don't put them on the spot, and that don't arouse anxiety.
Want to get past just hearing and learning how to listen with your ear, eyes and heart? Want to know why introverts outpersuade extroverts? 1 of the 10 reasons is listening, but there are many other factors to influence below the radar. 
Join me for this week’s podcast and you will discover the key factors of persuasion and what has changed in the world of influence.
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