Maximize Your Influence

It all starts with your thoughts. Your thoughts lead to emotions and your emotions lead to your daily actions. Take an honest look at your life right now. Where do you find yourself? That place is the sum total of your thoughts over the course of a lifetime. Where have your thoughts taken you thus far? Where will they take you tomorrow, next week, or next year?

Join Kurt as he interviews expert Dana Wilde.

In this interview, you will discover:

* What to do if you feel "stuck" and how to get moving again;

* How to change your results QUICKLY.

* How to use mindset if you were raised in a negative environment or if “positive thinking” has never worked for you;

* Easy mindset shifts for people who feel like they're lying to themselves when they use affirmations.

Dana Wilde is the bestselling author of Train Your Brain and the creator of The Celebrity Formula. After growing her own business from zero to a million dollars a year in under 19 months, Dana shows you how to make money by being happy and get paid for being YOU! With nearly 100,000 followers in 87 countries, she is featured in the movies The Abundance Factor, The Truth About Prosperity, and Dream Big. As the host of The Mind Aware Show, she reveals how to intentionally and systematically change your mindset so you get better outcomes.

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