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Power Persuaders know that each audience and individual has a different balance between logic and emotion. Your analytical type personalities need more logic than emotion. Your amiable personalities require more emotion and less logic. Always remember, you have to have both elements present in your message, regardless of the personality types listening.

Emotion is a power you can harness and use in practically every aspect of persuasion. Remember, logic is important, but emotion helps you catapult an otherwise dull or flat exchange to the next level.

You must know when to create positive or negative emotions. The key is your EQ (Emotional Intelligence). You have to be able to read your prospect and know what emotion to use and understand the proper dose. Great persuaders have learned the ability to read and use the right emotion. 

71 percent said they value high EQ over IQ

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Join me for this week’s podcast as I take a look at the elements of a high EQ and how to persuade using emotion and your EQ.

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