Maximize Your Influence

Join me for this week’s Podcast on How To Apply Behavioral Design to Persuasion. 

We will discuss the two simple psychological shifts that will increase your ability to influence.  Discover  how to get your prospect in the right “MindState” that will open the doors to persuasion.

I also interview Will Leach, who wrote : Marketing to Mindstates.”   He said:

If you're a salesperson, you can likely attest to the fact that selling is more difficult today than it's ever been. Landing that meeting with a prospect is nearly impossible because we're all dealing with endless distractions and overtaxed schedules. And when you do land that meeting, you must often overcome their psychological feelings of choice overload and aversion to making the wrong choice. To put it simply, we (and prospective buyers) are overwhelmed.

These twin forces — choice overload and loss aversion — can paralyze our prospects from making decisions, which can cause us to lose time and sales.

Check out Will's Book:  "Marketing to Mindstates - the Practical Guide to Applying Behavioral Design to Research and Marketing" and his website:


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