Maximize Your Influence

We can’t fix this habit in ourselves or in our prospects until we understand the WHY of procrastination or the WHY or putting things off.  While there are many different psychological factors motivating a person’s tendency to procrastinate, the number-one reason is fear of failure or rejection. We often exhibit avoidance, reluctance, apathy, and rationalization when we are afraid.

Does your prospect take their sweet time to get you a decision?  Do your kids put things off until the last minute.  Do you tend to misjudge how long it takes to get things done?  These are all forms of procrastination.  Let’s take a deep dive and understand the why of procrastination and how to overcome this challenge. 

How much money this has cost you?  Let me share with you a few keys to overcome your procrastination and help your prospects overcome their procrastination to make a decision.  Join me for this week’s podcast on Procrastination Is Self Sabotage Based On Your Fears.