Maximize Your Influence

I am not going to be politically correct today.  I know it is not fair.  I know we should not judge, I am here to help you with reality.  Everyone judges your online photo and some things you can fix – some you can’t.

Focus on the things you can improve and don’t worry about the rest.  Let's talk about the Halo Effect. It operates by making one positive characteristic of a person alter other people's overall perception of him. Because of this halo effect, people automatically associate traits of kindness, trust, and intelligence with people who appear attractive.

Food psychologists eyeball cereal characters

16 Tricks To A More Attractive Profile Pic [Backed By Science!]

Do you want to know additional tips and tricks on how to appear more attractive?  Do you understand how to make your online pic more persuasive?  If you want to know these key elements of your online pic/image then listen to this week’s podcast on Are You Persistent or A Pain In The Butt? Plus Photo Persuasion Hacks.