Maximize Your Influence

To maintain order of the world, our brains link objects, gestures, and symbols with our feelings, memories, and life experiences.  We mentally associate ourselves with such things as sights, sounds, colors, music, and symbols.  These associations create quick subconscious triggers.  The feelings you generate can help or hurt your ability to persuade.   You could be using symbols that are repelling your prospects.

40 Common Symbols and Meanings (& How to Use Them)

Did You Know Selling A Left Handed Person Is Different?

Find out what symbols and images are helping and hurting your ability to persuade?  What feelings are being triggered when you meet someone?  What external unnoticed symbols that surround you are triggering the wrong feelings?  On this week’s podcast, I answer these questions and more!  Join me for…. How To Use Images and Symbols To Persuade Below The Radar.

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