Maximize Your Influence

Great persuaders have charisma. We can all think of charismatic people. They have a confident presence and charm about them; they are captivating. They command our attention; we hang onto every word out of their mouths. Their energy prods us, motivates us, and inspires us. We feel better for having met them, seen them, been persuaded by them, and interacted with them.

4 Signs of Decision Fatigue

 What are other forms of influence and charisma you can use to increase your ability to persuade?  You will be surprised by how easy it is to apply these forms of influence.  Remember, influence is a higher form of persuasion.  Persuasion is what you do and say – Influence is who you are.  

Join me for this week’s podcast, where we explore other forms of influence that will increase your ability to convince other people to your point of view.  This podcast is called PIQ Skill #6: Using Your Charisma For a Referral Program

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