Maximize Your Influence

Are Your Authentic and Congruent Or Fake and Unlikable?

One interesting study found that physical gestures that convey less immediacy (lack of eye contact, leaning back, reduced proximity) communicate you don’t like the person.  It communicates a lack of congruence.  It destroys your authenticity and coming across as genuine.

Imposter syndrome

Are you congruent with your past history and your last interaction?  Does your nonverbal behavior match your actions?  Are you sure?  Are your emotions congruent with your message?   The current research shows that authenticity is one of the most important traits to have in the current situation.  Join me for this week’s podcast as I take a deep dive into imposter syndrome and the keys to radiate authenticity.  This podcast is called The Missing Piece To Your Persuasion Toolbox – Authenticity.