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Why is the tendency to procrastinate so prevalent? We know it does us no good, and yet it plagues even the best of us. Putting things off until the last minute never gives the best results.

What are some reasons we procrastinate? Another big one is indecision. We fear being wrong and making mistakes.  Sometimes we procrastinate because we are tired or we don’t have the energy.    

Hey, do you have a second - The upside of workplace interruptions

Let’s talk about the solution to accomplish more in less time.  What are the ways to overcome procrastination and be more effective with your time?  It is impossible to talk about procrastination and not end up talking about time management.

 Join me for this week’s podcast as I talk about traits and characteristics of people know how to turn time into money.  This podcast is called PQ Skill 9 - Secrets to Accomplish More In Less Time.

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