Maximize Your Influence
The moment people sense that you are attempting to persuade them, their resistance increases in size and strength. To counter this tendency, persuasion and sales must take place below the conscious radar.

Women seen as happy and men as angry despite real emotions

Great persuaders have cultivated a sixth sense regarding the "push and pull" aspect of persuasion. You must encourage without pushing. Entice, but don't ensnare. You have to sense and then predict what you can do and how your audience will respond based upon knowledge, instinct, experience, and nonverbal cues. With this sensitivity, which you can learn, you can persuade and influence below their resistance radar.

Are you causing resistance?  Are your influence tools outdated? 

Join me for this week’s podcast on The 3 Keys To Increase Your Power Of Persuasion. You will discover the most important things you can do to reduce resistance, adapt to your prospect and get more YES in your life.

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