Maximize Your Influence

Our task is not only to realize humor’s profound influence but also to develop the necessary skills to use it powerfully and ethically. As you become more and more skilled at incorporating humor into your presentations, you will discover that humor almost always has a place.

Humor puts your audience in a good frame of mind. Your audience is in a good disposition and less likely to disagree with you. When you develop rapport with your audience, they will like you more. Humor also increases trust.

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The skill of using humor can be learned and mastered, but only with consistent practice. Sometimes you may fail but keep at it until you have harnessed the power to make others laugh. Then others will always feel good when they are in your presence. They will also take what you have to say more seriously. Humor will give you the power to motivate and influence others in a productive, positive way.

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What else is used to persuade below the radar?  What are companies doing to their slightly deceptive products that you are not even aware of?  How do JND and Shrinkflation sway your thoughts and opinions?  Join me for this week’s podcast on JND, Shrinkflation, Advertising - Brilliant Deception?  You will discover how to persuade below the radar.

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