Maximize Your Influence

Due to listener demand, Kurt and Steve finally unleash "negotiation's dirty deeds."  These are underhanded tactics and strategies that others will use against you while negotiating. 

Before this happens, however, Kurt discusses a recent article about "meeting productivity."  According to the Social Psycholigical and Personality Science Journal (that's a mouthful), standing during meetings creats more excitement and productivity.  Apparently this has the obvious effect of making the meetings shorter.  One of the unintentional but positive side effects was that it tends to decrease territoriality.  Different departments were more willing to share information and collaborate.

This episode continues with a discussion on underhanded negotiation tactics.  One tactic often used is the "fake surprise."  Often when we present an offer to others they may act outwardly offended or surprised.  This is intended to reset your expectations and reconsider your embarassing you.  Kurt and Steve discuss some ways to counter this and adjust for it.

Another dirty technique is the last minute change.  For example, somebody could tell you that you have a deal.  They'll set up a time to meet and when they arrive they tell you "sorry, I don't have all the money...can we still do this?" 

Just a few of the dirty deeds are discussed sure to listen to the full episode for more! 

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