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After diving into "Negotiation's Dirty Deeds" last week, Kurt and Steve continue the discussion by uncovering even more of the underhanded tactics other's will use on you while negotiating. 

Steve takes over today's "geeky article moment."  In a recent article by Harvard Business Review, we learn that managing conflict requires that we first ascertain whether we're dealing with a "hot" conflict or a "cold" conflict.  The strategy is entirely different depending on which type of conflict you are using.  The article also gives a variety of pointers about managing the conflict.  First, unless there is something imminent, take your time.  Many of us want to make conflict go away as soon as possible because we just don't like it.  However this can often make the situation worse.  Second, listen to everything but respond selectively.  Managing conflict often involves a lot of venting emotion that doesn't necessarily need to be just needs to be vented.  Third, take stock before you take sides.  Make sure you really hear both parties out otherwise your credibility in resolving the conflict will be crushed.

One of negotiation's dirty deeds is physical posturing.  It's not uncommon for old school negotiatiors to put the people they negotiate with in smaller chairs, lower positions, or downright uncomfortable positions.  Steve and Kurt discuss how this has been used in foreign policy as well as the business world.

Another of negotiaton's dirty deeds is the "higher authority."  Oftentimes in a negotiation the person you're working with will pretend that they don't have the authority to make a decision.  This isn't necessarily dirty (you might have some success using it, actually), but it does hamper the negotiation process.  When somebody plays the "higher authority card" you need to get them to agree on a deadline and also try to get an appointment or commitment to meet with the higher authority.  That's assuming there really is one! 

Finally to round out the show, Steve discusses a persuasion blunder that's going around today.  It involves some underhanded tactics others are using to get past gate keepers.  Check out the full episode for more! 

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