Maximize Your Influence

After some useless banter about who should be allowed to wear bathing suits, the Fourth of July, and barbeques, Kurt and Steve launch into Episode 48.  First, they tackle an article about how word choice reflects somebody's mood.  It doesn't happen the way you think.  As it turns out, when somebody is feeling good they use more words with a long "i" vowell.  When they aren't feeling good they use more words with a long "o" vowell.  The human brain is amazing!  You can learn more about the study here.

As they continue to break down the science of charisma, Kurt and Steve address people skills.  Thousands of books have been written on the topic and it's no secret we need to be good at it.  Kurt and Steve break it down by first discussing one of the key components: first impressions.  There are a variety of things that tend to sabotage a first impression.  Physical appearance, bad breath, bad posture, poor dress, demenanor, and vocal tone all affect people skils. 

Another great way to show your people skills is to treat everbody equally.  Whether your dealing with the CEO of the company or a low level clerk...treat people well.  Be interested in them.  Make it your goal to make their day better from having come across you.  Brian Tracy said "you can tell a lot about somebody by how they treat the bus boys of the world."  Always always  keep the people skills swich on!

Kurt and Steve finish the show by featuring a new perusasion ninja.  This persuasion ninja also happens to be a professional pan-handler!  Yes, you've got to hear this!  Listen to the episode for the whole story! 

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