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Have you ever met somebody that didn't seem all that sharp but could sell circles around you?  Here at Maximize Your Influence we help you hone your persuasion skills to generate the income and results you want! As always, send your comments, questions, and ideas to

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On this episode's Geeky Article Moment (yeah, we're capitalizing it now because it's officially a thing), Kurt discusses a recent study by Michigan State University.  As it turns out, when employees see superviors act verbally abusive or demeaning to employees, it gives subconcious permission for the rest of the employees to demean everyone else.  This really isn't a surprise.  The culture of a business is established from the top down!

Next, Kurt and Steve discuss one of the oldest sales training categories: closing skills.  More appropriately, closing skills are a call to action.  Many persuaders think closing involves a clever line or two towards the end of their presentation.  Things like the Ben Franklin Close, the Alternative Close, or the Bait and Switch are old tired tactics now.  Car dealers are notorious for the "what do I have to do to get you into this car today" line.  Most of the time lines like this just don't work. 

When closing skills do work, there is a common denominator: opening.  Effective persauders ask questions throughout the presentation to establish trust and help the prospect know that they are actually listening and understanding.  Closing skills are only effective once this trust and value has been established.  Once it's done they are quite effective in getting people across the finish line.  But using them without trust alienates and offends them!

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