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Stay tuned as we will soon be rolling out Influence University...your way to access absolutely everything that Kurt has ever produced on Persuasion, Influence, Negotiation, and Leadership!  One of the greatest features of Influence University is Kurt's "Persuasion Software."  There are 77 potential objections out there and this software allows you to click on whatever one you've received and immediately see the course of action you should take!

On this episode, Kurt and Steve follow their discussion on objection psychology.  Now that we know where objections come from, what do we do when they actually arrive?  There are a few steps to consider.  First, make sure you listen to the entire objection.  You might know the answer. You might think the objection is stupid.  But it's just as important for your prospect to completely verbalize the objection as it is for you to actually answer it.  The point is that you can never adequately answer an objection until the prospect has completely verbalized it.

Second, repeat the objection back to your prospect to make sure you understand.  Pause.  Think it over.  A lot of times when prospects have completely verbalized an objection it takes care of itself.  

There are five more steps that Kurt and Steve discuss on this episode, so download it here or subscribe to Maximize Your Influence on Itunes or Stitcher Radio to hear the entire episode! 

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