Maximize Your Influence

Have you ever met the kind of person who is always stressed, has a negative attitude, and who nobody wants to be around?  Oftentimes we later hear these people have major health problems down the road.  In this weeks article, Kurt and Steve discuss a recent study that shows why Optimism is heart healthy.  Not only is it good for your's good for your health! 

Oftentimes, persuaders run into the issue of their prospects having a miscontrued "value" of the persuaders product.  This usually isn't the persuaders fault.  It's just the reality of the market and the media that shaped the value.  So how can we "reset" the prospects perception of value?  How can we have home field advantage?  On this epsidoe, Kurt and Steve discuss how we can use the "door in the face" technique to gain the upper hand. 

Remember, go to for more resources on how you can become a power persuader!

And finally...this week's blunder features a waitress at Morton's Steakhouse who thought it would be a good idea to talk to Steve about the movie "Food Inc" while he ate a porterhouse. 

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