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This podcast is going to focus on how to handle the heckler and maintain audience control in any situation.  One of the key factors is getting to know your audience.


It is critical that you understand where your audience is coming from and what their needs and wants are. What do they really want to know? What are they searching for? What information can you present to bridge the gap between what they feel and what they want? It’s important to understand your audience as a general group and also to get inside their minds as individuals.


Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your audience as you prepare:


•     Who am I trying to persuade?

•     What is the common background or interest that brings them together?

•     Who are these people as individuals (business people, students, mothers, etc.)?

•     What can I offer that they will universally care about and understand?

•      What types of things will they be looking to get out of my message?

•      In terms of my key point(s), are they likely to agree, disagree, or be  


•      Do I need to be aware of their political, religious, professional, or other


•       What is their average education and/or income level?

•       What is their general age range?

•       Will they tend to be more conservative or more liberal in their life views?

•       Is this likely to be an easygoing or demanding crowd?

•       How long will I be likely to keep them engaged? How much time is available?

•       Is what I have to offer appropriate for this audience?

•       What is my audience’s biggest challenge and how am I going to solve it?


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