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Dave Negri’s Secret Price Weapon

 Using “pricing” as a marketing strategy is often overlooked by entrepreneurs.  It may be a little scary, butsometimes all you need is a higher price point to become more attractive to your target market.   The affluent tend to associate higher prices with higher value.

When someone is looking for the “best” - choosing the cheapest person is not the path he or she will take.  When you are QUALITY-focused, slogans like “highest quality AND lowest price” don’t fit together.  They are actually mutually exclusive.  Clients recognize this and are extremely suspicious if you try to pair quality and low prices in your marketing.

 “Price Shoppers” exist at all income levels. A higher-income price shopper will be just as difficult and draining to work for as a lower-income price shopper.  The only difference is the higher-income price shopper has more expensive minimum and maximum price points, so you can spare the time and energy to accommodate him or her.

 It is critical for your own sanity, to filter out bargain price shoppers by having prices preset at higher levels.  Higher prices indicate to prospects you are concerned about quality rather than quick sales.  Immediately this creates a level of trust. When prospects respond favorably to your rates, they are seeking quality products—not low prices.  

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