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Power increases your charisma and ability to influence.  When we have certain forms of power, that power increases our perceived charisma and increases our ability to influence.  When we have legitimate forms of power, people will be more willing and want to take action.  Nearly every organization has some type of authority structure.  There are rules (written and unwritten) that dictate how people react to power and authority. 

 There are many forms of power and when used in the wrong way that power will back fire on you in the long term.  Managers always think they have great power, but it is much less than they usually realize.  The ability to reward and punish is not the power that will help in your ability to radiate charisma.  Your internal power will always outlast external power.

 Charismatics instinctively know and understand how to use different forms of positive power.  Power builds when you can help them get something they need or want.  Power is different from force.  It comes back to your intent.  Power creates trust, it strengthens, and it empowers.  Force must always be maintained, enforced, and warranted.  Force sucks the energy and life out of people.  True power encourages, revitalizes, and creates unity and synergy.  Power causes us to listen and obey.  Force causes us to be skeptical and run.

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 Charismatics don’t have power trips or feel the need force themselves on others or make other do things just for fun.  They understand how to use the proper forms of power and its ethical use.  Positive power opens up their audience and enhances their charisma.  Knowledge, expertise and authority are all forms of positive power.  Can you get the POWER?

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Have you ever met someone that did not seem that sharp, but was making 10 times more money than you?

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