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Do you have RBF?  I sure do.  I have it bad.  Do you know what RBF is?  Well the nice version is resting brat face.  The “B” is actually a word that is a little harsher.  (I will let you google it.)  What is RBF?  Well, it is when you are neutral or unemotional – your face looks mean and upset.  You look unapproachable.  In this state, you will have a harder time with influence,  building trust and creating a connection. 

This is more common than you think.  So, how do you fix this RBF?

Neuroscience Says Doing This 1 Thing Makes You Just as Happy as Eating 2,000 Chocolate Bars

Join me for this week’s podcast on How Your RBF Hinders Influence, Likeability, and Trust.  I explore where RBF comes from, why it exists and how to fix it.  I also take a deep dive into how RBF affects mood and how mood can destroy your ability to influence others.

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RBF : CNN, testRBF , Photofeeler 

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