Maximize Your Influence

More than anything else, passion recruits the hearts and minds of your audience.  Great persuaders radiate heartfelt passion.  When the audience can sense your passion and genuine conviction for your cause or product, they will emotionally jump on board.  We all love people who are excited and filled with believable zeal for their subject.  Passion is critical to influencing others, yet less than half of all persuaders interviewed have a passion for their product or service.

Nearly 40% of beer-drinking Americans won’t buy Corona due to coronavirus, study shows

Do you want to increase your passion?  Do you want more presence?  Do you want more people to notice you?  In this week’s podcast, I focus on Persuasion, Passion, and Presence.  Discover how to get your prospect to want to do, what you want them to do – and like doing it.

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