Maximize Your Influence

Great persuaders all adhere to an intensive personal development program. They know that "dull knives work the hardest," so keeping themselves sharp is of the utmost importance. Average persuaders don't consider personal training to be worthwhile.

They figure working harder is the answer. They also assume that they'll figure it all out on their own sooner or later, maybe from reading a book or two. They also think it's too expensive, or a waste of time to learn from somebody else.

What do you need to learn and master?  What is your weak link to success? Are you wasting valuable time to get there? Just like a computer, if you don't upgrade yourself, you will become obsolete to both yourself and your future.

Mentioning facial imperfection early in a job interview helps

Personal development is the first thing you can do to leverage your success.  Leverage speeds up the success process.  Join me for this week’s podcast as I discuss 3 additional success principles used to increase your speed to success.  Click to join me for PQ Skill 10 - The Secret Sauce Of Success.

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