Maximize Your Influence

Not only do charismatics use your gestures in the right way, they also have the ability to read and interpret nonverbal gestures.  You can read people like a book and obtain the knowledge you need to adjust yourself and your presentation based on what body language you are reading.  When you can read and be aware of your body language, you can synchronize your nonverbals to create instant likeability and rapport.  You can create positive subconscious triggers.  If you don’t have control of your nonverbals, you could come across as flustered, nervous, or out of control. 

Jobs That Need Peop le Skills Are The Most Recession Proof

Be more aware of your body movements and nonverbal behavior.  Sure it takes some effort, but the rewards will last a lifetime.  Join me for this week’s podcast on How to Instantly Connect With Anyone:  Your First Impression – Rapport or Repel?  I will go through each body part and non-verbal so you can identify in others (and yourself) how to instantly connect with people or cause resistance.