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It’s the old “80/20 Rule.”  The most highly successful people expend 20 percent of the effort and get 80 percent of the results, while the less effective folks put out 80 percent of the effort only to get 20 percent.

Sound unfair?  Let me give you a tip for entering the world of 20 percent work/80 percent results.  Great persuaders understand that time is more important than money.   They are fanatically aware that while we can accumulate money, we cannot accumulate time.

How Do You Use Your Limited Time & Brain Cycles

How Not Using Keyboard Shortcuts Makes You Lose 64 Hours Every Year

Want that extra hour a day?  Discover on time management hack that can save you over 60 hours a year.  Join me for this week’s podcast on 4 Time Management And Productivity Hacks – How To Gain an extra hour a day.  These 4 hours can dramatically change your productivity, and you can accomplish more in less time.

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