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Let’s talk about where negotiation fits into the world of persuasion and the difference between the two. Persuasion occurs when your ideas are so convincing that the other party adopts your viewpoint. With persuasion, there is no compromising as there is in negotiation. 

Negotiation, on the other hand, is a process of give and take. It’s overcoming objections on both sides of an issue and ultimately reaching some common ground.

The challenge for most people during a negotiation is what they are doing wrong vs what they are doing right.  These mistakes create others to either withdrawal or retaliate in the negotiation process.  Are you committing any of these negotiation blunders?

Join me for this week’s episode on The Key Factors (And Mistakes) Of A Successful Negotiation.   You will discover the keys to success in any negotiation.  Take a deeper dive into those negotiation mistakes and know when to persuade and when to influence.

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