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Twenty years ago, a team led by Giacomo Rizzolatti at the University of Parma in Italy made a radical discovery: mirror neurons.  These specialized brain cells were found in Macaque Monkeys and would activate when the monkey performed an action and when it observed another monkey performing the same action.

Mere agreement A similarity-based persuasion mechanism

You can create more engaging, relatable, and persuasive sales interactions by understanding and using mirror neurons.  Want to discover additional ways to get your prospect’s mirror neurons to fire on command?  Join me for this week’s podcast on Use Mirror Neurons To Influence Without Detection.  I will take a deep dive in the science and application of mirror neurons.

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Recognizing manipulation can be easy to identify - if you know the signs.  Listen to this episode too learn about some indicators that may indicate you are being manipulated.

More feelings of misinformation more news avoidance fake new

So, how do you know if you are being manipulated?  Why do people manipulate?  How do you handle a manipulator?  Join me for this week’s podcast on Are You A Master Manipulator?

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There is a big difference between a genuine question of concern and an “I’m done with you” objection. Is it a sign of interest or resistance? That is the key question. When your prospect presents every objection in the book, such outright resistance should be a red flag to you.

In other words, you are probably going down the wrong road by not properly reading your prospect. What this person is really saying is: “Go away. I have heard enough. I don’t see where or how this can help me.”  Great persuaders will always have fewer objections to handle than old-style persuaders will.

Dan Ariely - Predictably Irrational

This is just one false claim of the fake news of persuasion and sales.  You are taught the wrong things about accepting and handling objections.  There are three other huge components to the incorrect information you are getting about influencing others. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on The Fake News of Persuasion And Sales.  Discover the other 3 things you have heard that hurt your ability to sell and persuade.

When you can understand how your mind really works you can harness its unlimited power.

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Using meteoropathy (weather sensitivity) as a sales tool involves understanding and leveraging the impact of weather on individuals' moods, behaviors, and purchasing decisions.   

Moods affect our thinking, judgment, and willingness to say yes. When the person you are trying to persuade is in a good mood, they are more likely to accept your offer. The opposite is also true. If they're not in a good mood, chances are much higher they won't bite. This is a huge advantage to you when it comes to persuasion.

Weather Can Affect Your Mood — but How?

Why We Remember What We Remember

Not everyone is affected by the weather, however every influence tool you can implement to get your prospect in a good mood - changes the game.  Mood matters.  Learn to be aware on how to pivot and adjust your persuasive presentation. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on How Weather Affects Your Prospect’s Mood and Buying Desire - Using Meteoropathy.  Discover new tools for adjusting to the weather and mood.

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Voice plays a critical role in influence.[i]  How we say the words we choose is just as important as the words themselves. Our voice is a powerful instrument that can motivate the troops or lull them to sleep. There is a vast difference between presenting and persuading, informing and influencing, and communicating and convincing.

How the voice persuades

What are the other areas of vocal variety or paralinguistics?  There still is another 3 critical areas of adapting your voice to become more persuasive. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on How To Adjust Your Voice For Maximum Influence.  Discover the ways to get your voice to persuade with power.

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