Maximize Your Influence

Do you repel people?  Are you being offensive, pushing too hard, or saying the wrong things? As I interview prospects who have said no, the responses I get are interesting.  They told you it was too expensive, and they toldl me I did not trust them.  Statistics show that this is happening to you. 

Let’s get into some of these complaints and things you could be doing that repels the people you are contacting.  What are those common persuasion mistakes, and sales blunders costing you money?

Why Some Decisions Feel Right While Others Don’t

These mistakes are silent influence killers.  Most people will never say anything to you that will alert you to the fact they are feeling this way.  They are more comfortable lying to you—so they don't hurt your feelings.  They walk away and simply never deal with you again.  The challenge is you don’t even know you are doing these blunders. 

Join me for this week’s podcast as I discuss all the mistakes you could be making, and how to fix them.