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On this episode's Geeky Article Moment (yeah, we're capitalizing it now because it's officially a thing), Kurt discusses a recent study by Michigan State University.  As it turns out, when employees see superviors act verbally abusive or demeaning to employees, it gives subconcious permission for the rest of the employees to demean everyone else.  This really isn't a surprise.  The culture of a business is established from the top down!

Next, Kurt and Steve discuss one of the oldest sales training categories: closing skills.  More appropriately, closing skills are a call to action.  Many persuaders think closing involves a clever line or two towards the end of their presentation.  Things like the Ben Franklin Close, the Alternative Close, or the Bait and Switch are old tired tactics now.  Car dealers are notorious for the "what do I have to do to get you into this car today" line.  Most of the time lines like this just don't work. 

When closing skills do work, there is a common denominator: opening.  Effective persauders ask questions throughout the presentation to establish trust and help the prospect know that they are actually listening and understanding.  Closing skills are only effective once this trust and value has been established.  Once it's done they are quite effective in getting people across the finish line.  But using them without trust alienates and offends them!

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In Episode 54 of Maximize Your Influence, Kurt and Steve start things off by discussing a recent study about the chemical oxytocin.  According to the study, the more oxytocin present in somebody's system, the more accepting they are of others.  This of course leads to better social skills and possibly, the more persuadeable they are.  Many business and marketing firms are trying to trigger the release of this chemical through smell.  Heaven help us all! 

The core of this episdoe deals with how to help your prospects and employees see the overall vision of what you are trying to accomplish.  People like to follow somebody with a vision.  If you're having trouble getting people to buy your product or follow your cause, you aren't instilling your vision in others.  Those who can't articulate a clear and concise vision won't be successful, period.  One key part of instilling vision, however, is WIFFM (What's In It For Me).  Sure, being apart of an exciting vision helps...but if there is no perceived benefit (or realized benefit over time), your credibiltiy is permanently damaged.  We all like to be apart of a cause bigger than ourselves.  But call us shallow...we want something out of the deal too!

Kurt and Steve relay this into a conversation about successful politicians.  The most successful politicians are those whow are able to instill a vision in their constituents, but not be too specific to the point that they can be held accoutable for not fulfilling their vision later.  That sure makes you want to show up and vote, doesn't it? 

Not only is it important to instill a vision in your prospects and employees, but yourself.  If you can't see, taste, touch, and feel the big picture, you'll find yourself subtly resisting they key things you need to do to move forward.  A mind that lacks clarity will subconsiously avoid anything associated with that lack of clarify.  However when there is absolute clarify, fear is removed and we aggressively attack our goals.

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A whole year of Maximize Your Influence Podcasts are now behind us!  And listenrship in the Islamic Republic of Iran is still strong (that has to be a fluke, right)!

After two podcasts delving into the female brain, Kurt and Steve discuss a recent article that reveals that women get cheated at the negotiation table more than men.  Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and UC Berkely found that women were "warmer and more kind" in negotiations, and thus were more taken advantage of.

Getting into the remainder of the podcast, Kurt and Steve discuss what it takes to inspire others in the work place.  But how can you do this when/if the person you are inspiring has a horrible job or a position that is just without inspiration?  There are a few ways to do this and you don't necessarily have to have an exciting job to do it.  Boosting the self esteem of those that work for you or who you work with goes a long way.  When people feel appreciated and liked, even menial tasks can beomce fulfilling to them.  Second, unite your team to a common goal.  If they feel like they are always in the trenches and don't see the big picture of what they are apart of they will never be inspired.  Third, find a common enemy.  Sure, this sounds a little dark but business leaders, religous leaders, and politicians have used it through all time to achieve their goals (both good and bad). Finally, create an atmosphere where people can offer input.  If they feel iike they don't have any say then they quckly just won't care...about anything.  You'll be stuck in a situation where your employees or partners "work just hard enough to not get fired, and where you pay them just enough so they don't quit."

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Don't worry, it's still us!  We just have a new Itunes and podcast logo. 

Kurt and Steve discuss the recent news in the Middle East and the conflict between Israel and Hamas.  They discuss the generations of emotion that are involved in the conflict and why a resolution is unlikely.  They probably offend both sides of the issue as well, which is par for the podcast!

They also discuss an entertaining blunder by United Airlines.  Here's a link to the letter.  Judge for yourself what the blunder is or feel free to tune into the podcast to hear all about it. 

Kurt and Steve conculde this episode by finishing their interview with Maureen expert on the female brain and what it takes to persuade and influence females more effectively. 

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