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Great persuaders are great communicators. Well-known motivational speaker and best-selling author Jim Rohn said it best: “When I learned how to effectively persuade and communicate, my income went from six digits to seven digits.” Your communication skills are critical for your success, yet this is another set of overlooked skills that are not effectively taught in school. Communication includes phone skills, face-to-face interactions, group presentations, and even email.

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Persuasion Blunder

What is the one skill most presenters don’t have?… Are you sitting down?  It is the ability to handle a heckler.  Someone that says something mean, throws out a venomous comment or tries to show the group how they know more than you.  Do you know this type of person?  Every group has one.  Join me for this week’s podcast as we discuss How to Handle The Heckler, Clueless people and pointless disruptions.

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Closing skills were the big thing twenty years ago. We were taught that closing skills were all you needed. If you did not persuade enough people, you had to learn more closing skills. Nowadays, sure, it's nice to have a few closing skills in your persuasion toolbox, but shouldn't you spend more time opening up your audience before you even think about closing a deal with them?

Join me for this week’s podcast interview with Jeremy Miner.  We explore NEPQ Selling.  Discover why closing no longer works and how to lead your prospects down the path to persuasion and influence.  Jeremy is the CEO of 7th Level a Global sales training firm.  His clients include Google, Kia Motors, and Lyon Financial.

He has pioneered an internationally recognized sales training methodology that to date has helped more than 200,000 salespeople in over 40 countries achieve exceptional results.  Click Here for Selling With NEPQ.

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More than anything else, passion recruits the hearts and minds of your audience.  Great persuaders radiate heartfelt passion.  When the audience can sense your passion and genuine conviction for your cause or product, they will emotionally jump on board.  We all love people who are excited and filled with believable zeal for their subject.  Passion is critical to influencing others, yet less than half of all persuaders interviewed have a passion for their product or service.

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Do you want to increase your passion?  Do you want more presence?  Do you want more people to notice you?  In this week’s podcast, I focus on Persuasion, Passion, and Presence.  Discover how to get your prospect to want to do, what you want them to do – and like doing it.

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Great persuaders know and understand how to use different forms of power, but if you're like most people, you just cringed at the word "power."  Is power something we're really allowed to talk about?  Is it good or bad?  Can we have power over our audience?

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There are many other positive forms of power that can be used during the persuasion process.  You will be surprised how many different kinds of power exist and how you can add them to your toolbox of influence.  Join me on this week’s podcast titled How Personal Power Increases Your Influence. We will discuss the various forms of power and how to use this power during persuasion.

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