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Do you have that chemistry?  Do you feel charismatic?  Do you radiate optimism?  It is no secret that the majority of the wealthy and successful business executives attribute their success to their optimism and attitude more than any other factor.  How can you inspire, how can you transfer charisma if you don’t have the right attitude or optimistic outlook.  Your attitude about the rain on your Hawaiian vacation can ruin your vacation or make it more fun and more memorable. 

Groups are often smarter without opinion leaders

 An optimist tells you that your problems are only temporary and pessimism tells you they are permanent and there is no way out.  As an optimist, you will attract people to your cause and you will radiate charisma.  Studies have shown that optimists do better in school, perform better in their careers and live longer than pessimists.  Pessimists tend to battle depression and give up more easily.

Optimism is more than PMA (positive mental attitude).  It is not constantly saying positive things to others and hoping they will come true.  Rather, true optimism is a frame of mind that governs how you look at the world.  Optimism means having expectations that things will eventually turn out OK.   Being optimistic means that you really believe that you will eventually accomplish everything you set out to do.  You will be able to help others achieve their goals.  Optimism is when you can transfer your hope and courage to others and will be more inclined to be led by you.  How do you gain that chemistry of charisma?

Listen and find out….

Learn how to ENABLE your powerful subconscious mind to work for you, not against you

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