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Let’s talk about where negotiation fits into the world of persuasion and the difference between the two. Persuasion occurs when your ideas are so convincing that the other party adopts your point of view. With persuasion, there is no compromising as there is in negotiation.

Why Do Hugs Feel Good? This Chemical Messenger

Want to know when to use negotiation tools?  What about when to know when it is time to negotiate and when it is time to persuade.  We tend to go to negotiation too fast and don’t get the best terms possible. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on Sales vs Negotiation: Different Tools For Different Times.  I will focus on which tools work the best and when to use them.

Do you repel people?  Most people say no. Howeve statistics show that this is happening to you. 

What are you doing that turn people off, and cause them to run?  

Want to take a deeper dive into the boomerang effect?  What else could you be doing that is antipersuasive?  How can you connect more with your prospects? 

Do Zoom Meetings Kill Creativity?

Join me for this week’s podcast on The Boomerang Effect And Why People Resist You.  Get more people to connect with you, open up and become more influential. 

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Join me for this week’s podcast on Shut-Up And Sell: No More Data Dump

During this podcast, I will reveal how to know when it is time to ask for their business. 

What do you look for in their body language to know the persuasion process is done and they are ready to roll. 

Upward Physical Movement Brings Back Happy Memories

Click on the link and get a few more influence tools that help your prospect persuade themselves.

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As a persuader, you need to help your audience be one step closer to taking action. As a Power Persuader, your goal is to decrease the distance someone has to go to reach your objective. Your task is to make it as easy and simple as possible. You need to decrease the mental, social or physical distance they need to travel to be persuaded.

How to Get People to Speak Up in Virtual Meetings

If your prospect is not listening, doesn’t care, and is not participating in the process – you can’t influence them.  Is it you?  Is it them?  Take some ownership and admit that you can be more engaging and even more charismatic in your online and offline presentations. 

Join me for this week’s podcast on How To Increase Meeting (Zoom) Participation, Engagement And Influence.  I will focus on key things you can do today that will get more people to listen, increase their online participation, and keep your audience wanting more.

The moment people sense that you are attempting to persuade them, their resistance increases in size and strength. To counter this tendency, persuasion and sales must take place below the conscious radar.

Women seen as happy and men as angry despite real emotions

Great persuaders have cultivated a sixth sense regarding the "push and pull" aspect of persuasion. You must encourage without pushing. Entice, but don't ensnare. You have to sense and then predict what you can do and how your audience will respond based upon knowledge, instinct, experience, and nonverbal cues. With this sensitivity, which you can learn, you can persuade and influence below their resistance radar.

Are you causing resistance?  Are your influence tools outdated? 

Join me for this week’s podcast on The 3 Keys To Increase Your Power Of Persuasion. You will discover the most important things you can do to reduce resistance, adapt to your prospect and get more YES in your life.

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Most of the time, closing skills are overused or used in the wrong way. When closing skills are used right and sparingly, it can have a powerful effect by helping others say “yes faster. The key is to use closing in the right way in any aspect of persuasion. This is where you get the yes. It is not a time to beat around the bush or hesitate.

Want to know how closing has changed in the last few years?  Ever wonder what closing mistakes you could be using?  Want to know how to close more sales? 

10 Sales Mistakes Reps Make Way Too Often

Join me for this week’s podcast cast on Top Ten Closing Mistakes. You will discover how to balance the best closing techniques in the new world of sales.


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Join me for this week’s podcast cast on Negotiation Techniques, Tactics, Tips, and Psychological Tricks With Marshall Wilkinson. 

Marshall has negotiated over 2 billion dollars in contracts.  We will discuss how negotiation has changed, techniques that seal the deal, and psychological tricks that are being used against you.

For more information about Marshall visit his website here. 

What are you doing that causes your prospect to feel – This does not feel right?  Maybe what you are doing causes them to think – I need to think about this because something is not quite right.  What can you do to reduce these feelings and roadblocks to influence?

The Fallacy of Multitasking

Join me for this week’s podcast cast on How Colors, Symbols, And Aromas Help/Hurt Your Ability To Influence.  

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Do you repel people?  Most people say no.  Although most of us do things that repel people.  You have met people that just rubbed you the wrong way.  They repelled you, you did not like them, and you did not want to be around them.  The key is that they never told you what you did wrong or how you made them feel; they just left. 

The color red influences investor behavior

Statistics show that this is happening to you.

Want to know other things you are doing that repel people?  Ever realize that common thing you are doing drive people away?  Want solutions to those influence blunders that are costing you money? 

Join me for this week’s podcast cast on Top Persuasion Mistakes/Blunders Of All Time #2.  Discover those mistakes and how to persuade like a pro.

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Want to know the top persuasion mistakes?  Want solutions to those influence blunders that are costing you money? 

17 Things Keeping You From Getting Rich

Join me for this week’s podcast cast on The Top Persuasion Mistakes/Blunders Of All Time.  Discover those mistakes and how to influence like a pro.

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Do you want to know more about your body language and how to use it to persuade with power?  Did you know many of your gestures tend to repel others and cause resistance?

33 Nonverbal Communication Tips

Oscar Mayer selling mask inspired by its bologna

Join me for this week’s podcast cast on Nonverbals that Influence vs Body Language That Repels. 

Discover the keys to reading body language and understanding what gestures repel your prospect.

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Do you want to be able to think on your feet?  Adjust your presentation on the fly?  Adapt to your prospect and persuade them how they want to be persuaded.  Can you prepare for an impromptu speech? 

The Psychology of Your Scrolling Addiction

Join me for this week’s podcast on How To Think On Your Feet:  The Creative Art Of The Spontaneous, Impromptu Presentation.  Discover the secrets of your creativity and adapt your presentation.

Are your presentations persuasive?  Are you sure?  What about your ability to engage and influence on zoom or other video conferencing platforms?  These skills are critical for influence and upward mobility.

Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes

Eye tracking reveals where people look during Zoom, Webex

20 Astonishing Video Conferencing Statistics for 2021

Join me for this week’s podcast  - How To Make Video Conferencing (And Zoom) More Influential.  We will talk about the science and skills needed to persuade during video conference calls.

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Great persuaders gain control over their destiny by controlling and directing their thoughts.  Considering that our actions are emotion-driven and our emotions are thought-driven, we've got to get our thoughts on track. They determine everything!

What’s the Cost of Self-Control? New Study Tabulates the Bill

What are the other elements of your success?  What pieces are you missing?  How can you reprogram your brain for massive success?  

Join me for this week’s podcast on The Mindset Of A Successful Salesperson.  We will take a deep dive into success skills, personal mastery, and self-persuasion.

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No one can follow through on an act or message without first thinking or seeing in their mind that it is possible to accomplish it. You can mentally achieve participation by helping your audience visualize and see in their mind how your product or service will help them.

How are you doing creating images in the mind of your prospect?  Are your prospects questioning your credibility?  Have you lost trust with people?  

Evoking the Imagination as a Strategy of Influence

Join me for this week’s podcast as we tackle both issues that hurt your ability to influence.  The podcast is Lost Trust? - How To Rebuild Credibility In A Skeptical World.

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There are many studies the reveal the relationship between visualization and success in sports.  There is a well-known study done by Russian scientists.  They wanted to know the relationship between physical and mental training and what is the most important.

What Is the Ownership Effect

Are you able to help your prospect visualize using your product/service?  Do you want more tools to help people visualize the solution?  It is all about increasing mental involvement and painting that picture. 

Join me for this week’s podcast - Paint The Persuasion Picture – Keys To Mental Engagement.  We will discover the keys to visualization and influence.

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Just because you can create a PowerPoint does not mean you know how to communicate, inspire and present.  Sure, you can give a presentation, and no one leaves the room; it doesn’t say anything negative, but did you really have charisma?  Did you influence them to your point of view? 

When preparing your presentation, be sure you have several ways to support and enhance your message. Great persuaders use presentation aids that will, concisely, and efficiently deliver their main points. Visual aids should improve your presentation and help keep people’s attention, but visual overload will distract from your message.

Are your visuals persuasive?  Are you abusing powerpoint?  Are you violating the common powerpoint mistakes?  Want to know how to use powerpoint to become more influential?  

Well, I have the answers….Join me for this week’s podcast - Break Your Powerpoint Addiction – Mistakes Draining Your Influence.  We will discover how to use visual aid that will help you persuade and influence.

Preparation is the magic ingredient to all successful negotiations. When negotiating, you have to be prepared for anything. You need to know the ins and outs, the intricacies of both sides. The more you prepare, the more knowledge you have, you will get a better deal.

Five Presentation Mistakes Everyone Makes

Negotiation is part of everyday life.  As they say - You deserve what you negotiate.  The challenge is negotiation has changed.  Many people are using some old-style, outdated, cheesy tactics that need to be retired.  Join me for this week’s podcast  - The 7 Deadly Negotiation Sins - Mistakes Costing You The Deal.  We will talk about the blunders you are making and how to fix them to increase your success and influence.