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How do you deal with those jerks?  You know the ones I am talking about.  How can you get them on your team?  How do you influence them to be nice and to accept your ideas?

To be a rock star of a persuasion, you cannot use the same techniques for all people all the time.  You have to customize your message to fit the demographics, interests, and values of your prospect.

This also includes mean and hostile people.  They can be persuaded, but you need another set of tools.  When you understand human psychology and the ways to handle resistance – you can influence anyone.

Article on Abusive Bosses

We take a deeper dive on this week’s podcast on how to deal with hostile audiences and the mean people you work with.  Find out how to deal with that jerk and how to easily influence them.

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Embedded Commands

In persuasion and influence, it is the little things that can make a big difference.  For example, does icing the kicker in football work? – You will be surprised.  Does planting a seed that it might be too hot (or cold) to play sports affect how people play?  Does the way you use your voice or use embedded commands increase your persuasiveness?

Icing the Kicker Article

Article on Heat Signs

 What is an embedded command?

An embedded command is a technique used to communicate to the subconscious mind. The idea is to actually bypass the conscious mind and talk directly to the subconscious mind. Embedded commands are commonly used in marketing and advertising.

Embedded commands are hidden suggestions within written or spoken language. The conscious mind is unaware of their existence.

Embedded commands create expectations without creating inner resistance.

Embedded commands are used to reinforce potential behavior and can help the reader come to a faster decision.  

We see them in advertising and sales copy on the internet.  Using embedded commands can increase your marketing efforts by 10-20%.

Can you smell fear?

Join me on this podcast and find out how to use these subtle influence techniques.

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Why Do 80% of New Products Fail?

Why do new products suffer from such a high failure rate?

Even multi-billion dollar companies agonize over product failures. What is going on? It comes down to either too much logic or too much emotion.

I want to Share with you some examples of when all the sound, logical reasoning and research in the world was used to predict the future, but it was still no match for people's emotions and instinct.

Large corporations spend millions of dollars on focus groups to see if their product or service is viable. Then, even after focus group participants are sold on the idea, the follow-up research shows that only a small minority of those in the focus group actually bought the product. Logic made it sound like a good idea to the focus group participants, but emotion ruled the day.

Let's look at some specific business blunders. Some of the strangest products ever released – you will see from their mistakes, how to change your product launch to be more successful. Listen to the podcast and get the solutions to a perfect product launch. 

Worst Product Launches

Worst Product Flops of All Time

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This was the most popular episode of 2018.

Listen and tell me if you agree….

The Modern Way To Ruin Relationships

 Most persuader’s don’t understand feature – benefit or emotion vs logic.  They throw these persuasion darts at their prospects (the target) and wonder why these darts never stick and/or hit the target.

Listen now to hear the solution.


Whats your Persuasion IQ?

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On this episode you will learn:

-Secrets to good copywriting

-How to attract more customers on the internet

-The missing piece to your call to action

You only have 3-5 seconds to attract customers on the Internet...What should you say?  What is the formula to get an email reply?  How do you create legitimate, believable urgency to get an instant response?

A website or email that’s too cluttered can’t convey a message quickly enough to engage the reader and is wasting everyone’s time.  A confused mind says no.  A preoccupied mind says no.  If they don’t read your sales copy – that would also be a no.  Effective copy must immediately capture the audience’s interest and pull them into your website, funnel or email. 

12 Obnoxious Sales Phrases That Make Prospects Hang Up on You

Listen now to hear the solution.

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