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Nobody has a perfect self esteem.  We all have insecurities in ceratin areas of our life. The same is true for your prospects.  Raise a prospects self esteem and you'll catapult your chances of persuading them!  On this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss a recent article that gives Five Tips For Raising Your Self Esteem.

Is your prodcut or cause desperation or inspiration based?  Your prospects are all either running towards or away from something.  It's essentially the difference between inspiration and deseperation.  Using the wrong kind of motivation on your prospects will backfire everytime.  Tune into this episode for great tips on how to leverage the power of dual motivation!

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Did you know that the noise of an aircraft engine can cause you to crave different foods?  A recent study by Cornell University makes some compelling links between decibel level and food cravings.  Kurt and Steve discuss the artice and also learn a new word! 

There's one thing that annoys your prospect more than anything else: unsolicited small talk.  Many of the stereotypical sales annoyances (fast talkers, lack of knowlege) are still high on the list, but in this day and age your prospect wants to see value.  They want to feel like they have a reason to talk to you.  Only then does should you make a serious effort at buildng a connection with them.  Otherwise the unsolicited small talk will kill your presentation before it begins!

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Is optimism overrated?  A recent study from the University of Utah thinks so.  Kurt and Steve discuss the study and what it means for persuaders.

Some of us are better negotiators than others.  Some of us respond differently to different tactics.  Negotiation is all about researching your product and what your prospect needs and wants.  Failure to do so inevitably leads to insulting your prospect and that's a tough one to come back from.  On this episdoe Kurt and Steve discuss how to make an offer to your prospect that sets the negotiation playing field, without insulting them. 

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Do you know somebody who is always blaming other people for their problems?  Is it you?  The fact is, we all do it.  And sometimes we're right.  A recent article, however, shows why blaming others is not productive...even when it's completely true. 

We all know the stereotypical profile of a persuader: fast talker, slick, stretches the truth, etc.  And we all know that this style of persuasion is not nearly as effective as it used to be.  In this day and age, introverts are the best persuaders.  Kurt and Steve discuss why this is and we can apply techniques that come naturally to most introverts.

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