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Do people like you?  Can you connect with anyone?  When introduced to someone – Are they really happy to see you?  Are you sure?

This week’s podcast is going to explore “Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Immediately.”  You know when you feel that connection and have created rapport.  Was it a smile, their touch or their sense of humor?  Or was it something else?  Scientist have found the answers to these questions and you will be surprised.  Listen to the podcast and find out how to instantly connect with anyone.

Get the Power of Charisma

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Why do your prospects keep saying NO?  Are you the cause of the objections you are getting?    

What mannerism or things are you doing that turn people off and trigger objections? 

The Clothes That Increase Your IQ

 You may think you're just being friendly or even concerned, but it is just triggering objections.  Let me remind you, that everything you are doing during your presentation will attract or repel the person you are communicating with.  I am not here to sugar coat this.  Let’s get into some of these complaints and things you could be doing that is causing resistance.  Listen to this week’s podcast on how YOU are causing objections.

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The psychological edge gained by top persuaders cannot be overemphasized.  How do great persuaders prepare their minds for success?  This mental aspect is one of the most important (and usually most neglected) traits of success.

Almost everyone wants to accomplish their dreams, achieve more, become a better person, or pursue bigger and better goals. Why do we fall short of our dreams and aspirations?  Let’s find the answer on this week’s podcast.

This week’s guest is Lisa Wimberger.  She is the founder of the Neurosculpting Institute.  Her mission is to teach others how to reprogram the brain, change their beliefs and to share powerful stress management techniques or what she calls Neurosculpting.

Listen to this week’s podcast and discover the power of Neurosculpting and self-persuasion.

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"When you can understand how your mind really works you can harness its unlimited power. " - Kurt Mortensen on Millionaire Psychology

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How persuasive were the superbowl commercials.  What worked?  What bombed?  Just because you liked or remembered a commercial does not mean it was influential.  Just because you laughed, does not mean you will remember the advertiser.  Let’s explore the superbowl commercials to find the persuasion “Ninjas” and the persuasion ‘blunders’.

 Also a huge bonus…..

Time for a guest interview and a world expert on Marketing and the world of Amazon.

 Adam Hudson is the founder of Reliable Education and a seven-figure Amazon seller. Adam is a highly sought-after Amazon expert and coaches new & established Amazon sellers in 16 different countries. Adam is also passionate philanthropist having funded over 6,000 interest-free micro-loans to entrepreneurs in third world countries and more than 1,000 blind people have been healed as a result of his giving.

What you will learn:

·         How to market on the internet.

·         Why Amazon is taking over the world.

·         How to market yourself online.

·         How to break through the marketing clutter. 

For more information about Adam and Reliable Education visit

Best superbowl commercials

 Bud Light and HBO, ‘The Bud Night’

 Pepsi, ‘More Than OK’


Amazon, ‘Not Everything Makes the Cut’

Microsoft’s - Adaptive Controllers

Verizon "The Coach Who Wouldn't Be Here"


Worst superbowl commercials

 Turkish Airlines

 MintMobile “Chunky Style Milk”


 Kia “Give It Everything”