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Welcome to episode 74 of Maximize Your Influence!  On this episode, Kurt and Steve roll out an interesting article published in the Economist.  More and more, governments and intelligence agencies are analyzing body language to determine if somebody is a terrorist threat.  Kurt and Steve discuss the article and what it means for the study of body language.  You can check it out here.

Well it's late January now.  How are your goals coming?  If you're like most people, they're quickly fading into the distance.  While it's only been a couple of weeks since they discussed it last, Kurt and Steve re-hash the main components of successful goal setting.  If for no other reason than to at least REMIND you that you set some goals a few weeks ago. Accomplishing goals requires YOU to consistently follow up on them, measure your progress, and to be realistic.  Other wise you end up like everybody else:  your in mid February and things are right back to where they were!

On this episode Kurt and Steve also discuss vision versus worry.  When you're setting goals, trying to sell a product, or trying to promote a you do it out of vision or worry?  When it comes to you and your goals, this needs to be done out of vision.  Even though it brings on compelling short term emotions, acting out of worry never lasts.  Only a positive vision of the future will keep you going when times get tough!  Check out the episode for some tips on how to use this on your prospects and your marketing!

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Have you ever met the kind of person who is always stressed, has a negative attitude, and who nobody wants to be around?  Oftentimes we later hear these people have major health problems down the road.  In this weeks article, Kurt and Steve discuss a recent study that shows why Optimism is heart healthy.  Not only is it good for your's good for your health! 

Oftentimes, persuaders run into the issue of their prospects having a miscontrued "value" of the persuaders product.  This usually isn't the persuaders fault.  It's just the reality of the market and the media that shaped the value.  So how can we "reset" the prospects perception of value?  How can we have home field advantage?  On this epsidoe, Kurt and Steve discuss how we can use the "door in the face" technique to gain the upper hand. 

Remember, go to for more resources on how you can become a power persuader!

And finally...this week's blunder features a waitress at Morton's Steakhouse who thought it would be a good idea to talk to Steve about the movie "Food Inc" while he ate a porterhouse. 

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On this week's episode, Kurt and Steve lead off with the "Geeky Article Moment" as well as some banter about food, NFL playoffs, and seagulls eating hotdogs.  Yep.  It happened.

A restaurant in Pittsburgh has recently decided that it will ban "tips" for its servers.  Instead, servers will receive a salary and annual bonuses.  Kurt and Steve discuss how this will impact staff performance and if it's a good idea or not from a leadership perspective. 

After this, Kurt and Steve discuss presentation pitfalls.  Like it or not, we are all presenters.  Whether its one on one, on a web conference, or in front of thousands of people, we are all on stage.  Kurt and Steve discuss what the common pitfalls are that plague most persuaders. 

Are you a power persuader?  Would you like individual feedback on your video/audio presentation...for FREE?  Record an audio or video of your presentation and upload it here.  Kurt and Steve will go through each presentation and provide you individually with feedback!  Just put your email address in the subject line of when you upload your video.  First prize will get a free year to! 

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Happy New Year!

We're back with the first episode of 2015! 

If you we're asked "do you have a rewards card with us" last time you were shopping, you're not alone.  Business are loading up on rewards programs like never before, in hopes of enticing you to return and buy more stuff from them. As it turns out however, a good old fashioned "thank you" is more effective.  Kurt and Steve discuss this recent study on this episode.

Well it's 2015.  It's time to set goals.  You're either excited about that or you're rolling your eyes saying "not again!"  Whatever you think about it, however, it's important.  Setting goals (in writing) is one of the main attributes that differentiates successful persuaders from failures.  Check out this episode for some concrete tips on how you can set goals more successfully in 2015!

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