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How To Persuade UNDER The Radar

The best way to reduce resistance and help your prospect persuade themselves is by using a story.  Stories are powerful tools for persuaders.  Compelling storytelling automatically creates attention and involvement with your audience.  

Want to master the art and science of telling an engaging story while you persuade without detection?  Ever wonder how to structure that perfect, hypnotic story?  You are in luck – Join me on this week’s podcast, where I take a deep dive into How To Tell An Engaging

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It is holiday time and everyone wants to know about that special deal.  Well, if you are tired of 2020 and all the craziness and ready to make 2021 your year – then this will rock your world. 

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Great persuaders have mastered their fears. You will be tempted to leave your fears buried, but they will invariably come back to haunt you. It is much better to deal with fears directly, especially considering that whatever we fear most is never as bad as we think.

Want to know more about your prospect being scared to make a decision?  Why people delay saying yes?  How fear can be instantly overcome and help people become easier to persuade?  Join me for this week’s podcast on When Your Prospect Feels Scared, Fear Or Wants To Delay That Decision and get more tools for your persuasion toolbox.

Crazy times right now where people just can’t get along or even have a discussion about society or politics.  Most people forget that the human brain needs to be right. It is hard for us to admit we are wrong.  Even if we are shown proof that we are wrong.

We are programmed to justify what we are doing or thinking is right and avoid taking responsibility when things go wrong. It is easier for us to find ways to prove ourselves right (even when we are wrong) then to admit why we are wrong. 

Why are we so divided by our beliefs?  Do you want to discover additional insights and techniques on how to persuade others during a conflict?  Do you know what to do when someone does a persuasion sucker punch?   If you want to get more persuasion tools - listen to this week’s podcast on The Persuasion Sucker Punch – Blinded Sided By Rhetoric. 

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