Maximize Your Influence

Influential people can read and interpret nonverbal gestures.  You can read people like a book and you can obtain the knowledge you need to adjust yourself and your presentation based on what body language you are reading. 

 8 Ways To Identify A Liar

Want to know how to spot a liar?  Would it be beneficial to be able to detect deception?  What to learn those FBI interviewing techniques? 

Join me for this week’s podcast -  How to Identify A Liar - The Science of Detecting Deception.

Trust is critical in persuasion. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age when people are more skeptical and mistrustful than ever before. Twenty years ago, the mindset was: “I trust you; give me a reason not to.” Now the mindset is: “I don’t trust you; give me a reason why I should.” You could say trust is at an all-time low and still falling.

Stanford researchers study trust in autonomous products

Want to know the trend in trust?  The trend is going from trust to trustless.  It is a new concept in persuasion derived from the digital age.  An idea that has come from Bitcoin and Blockchain. 

Join me for this week’s podcast -  As Trust Erodes - Become Trustless.

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