Maximize Your Influence

It's always helpful to learn more about what successful people do in their daily lives.  In this episode, Kurt and Steve highlight three key lessons we can learn form succeessful people. 

For this week's Persuasion IQ question, Kurt and Steve talk about how to effectively build emotion at the right time during your presentation.  Measuring the rate of your speech during the credibilty phase and then changing to the right rate during your call to action can make or break you!

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After discussing Kurt's recent trip to Las Vegas, Kurt and Steve discuss an article that may be helpful if you've been to Vegas recently: "Are White Lies Good For Relationships?"  You'll be surprised at the conculsion!

How can we tell if our prospect is "visually oriented?"  Whe asking them a question that requires some thought, they often look upwards.  In contrast if they are "auditory", they tend to look side to side.  Finally, if they are "kinesthetic", they look downward.  How does this impact you in the persuasion process?  Tune into the episode to find out more!

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Have you ever witnessed an animal "sniff" another animal and thought "wow I'm so glad I'm human?"  A recent study shows that you might rely on smelling other humans.  Check out the study here.

On this episode, Kurt and Steve discuss what attribute customers appreciate most about top persuaders.  They give some pointers on how to improve this characterisitc as well as minimize more harmful ones.  Check out the episode for more details!

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Do you rely on email marketing to generate leads?  What about telephone prospecting?  As it turns out, there are specific times of day and the week that are more effective...and it's not quite what you think.  Check out this episode for the exact statistics.

Colors shape our perception of products and services, period.  They can also be used to set the tone on how we feel when we go into a persuasive encounter.  Some colors instill a feeling of professionalism.  Some colors make us hungry.  Others grab our attention.  On this episode, Kurt and Steve break down colors and how we can use them to enhance our message as persuaders. 

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They've talked about it a lot on Maximize Your Influence, but on this episode Kurt and Steve discuss a recent article entitled "10 Body Signs Somebody Is Lying To You."  They discuss the merits of the article as well as some additional suggestions that will help you detect deception.

Have you ever had a prospect stall on you?  Your product is a perfect fit, it fits their budget, but they just aren't making a decision? On this episode Kurt and Steve discuss some of the techniques that will get your prospect off of the fence.  Tune in for details!

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