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Why Your Last Audience Said You Were Boring. Many factors can contribute to boredom and disinterest during a presentation.


Avoid the blunders by creating content that is relevant and engaging  Deliver the presentation with enthusiasm and incorporating visual aids.  Be aware of the audience's needs and encourage interaction with the audience.


Join me for this week’s podcast on Edutainment, Engagement, and Energy.  You will discover that there is no such thing as a boring topic, only a boring presenter.  Learn how to be more dynamic, charismatic, and engaging for your next presentation.

Do you have charisma? Do you have have what it takes to be successful in life?

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We all negotiate every day.  Only 10% of business professionals who negotiate every day have taken negotiation training.  The challenge is they estimate this has cost them millions of dollars.  Who is paying for these mistakes?  Usually, the companies that employ them.  Entrepreneurs know this will just cost them income.

Join me for this week’s podcast interview with John Lowry.  We will focus on Negotiation Made Simple.  Discover how to structure a negotiation and what questions to ask before the process begins.  Learn if you should make the first offer and how to deliver that information.

For more info about John visit his website here.

Do you have charisma? Do you have have what it takes to be successful in life?

Take your free Charisma IQ here.

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So, is that power of charisma good or bad?  I would say is gravity good or bad?  Just like gravity, charisma is neutral.  It is how you use the power that will define you as good or bad.  Some say Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, Mussolini had charisma.  Sure they did have many of the tools of charisma. 

6 Questions Reveal How Charismatic You Are

There are many cases of someone who had some of the skills of charisma and they used them in an unethical way.  Let’s think about this.  You could probably count more people in history and in your life that had this skill and they used charisma to change your life (in a good way).  So what is the difference?

So how do you master this C-factor?  How do you get that RIZZ and empower others to want to do what you want them do do?  Join me for this week’s podcast on Do You Have The C Factor - chaRIZZma, Charm and Confidence.  Discover the simple things you can do to inspire and motivate others.


We live in a world where people are less trusting, more cynical, and full of skepticism.  Corporate loyalty is a thing of the past.  Belief in government has eroded away.  Everyone around us is confused, overwhelmed, and more difficult to influence and lead.  Now more than ever, charisma is a vital and critical life skill.

 Can charisma be taught? Tests of two interventions.

Restaurant Tap Water Test Joke

The challenge is that some think they have the Rizz (charisma) but don’t.  Just because you can get somebody to do something doesn’t mean you are influential or charismatic.  We know there is a direct correlation between the manager/leader and the employee that dictates the amount of productivity.

What is your RIZZ ranking?  Do you have it?  Can you improve it?  Can you deliver a presentation that inspires and influences?  Join me for this week’s podcast on What Is Your RIZZ (Charisma) Ranking?.  You will discover the secrets of charisma.


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