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Do You Attract or Repel Others? It’s Either The Rizz or Fizz.
The skill of charisma can propel you into leadership and success.  When someone is charismatic, they can connect, bond, and lead everyone and anyone.  Charisma allows you to be more efficient and effective.  Think about this.  It could be you if others aren’t responding to you or your influence.  Sure we like to say it is them, but when you do not influence others, are empowered by you, or even want to help you – it is you.  Remember:  When a sports team has a losing season or they don’t perform up to expectations, the coach gets fired.


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Have you ever noticed how some people can lead without effort?  People instantly like them and want to be around them.  Have you seen them enter a room, and everyone notices?  Have you seen people always get what they want, and everyone around them wants to give it to them?  How do they command attention and influence with everyone they meet?  This is the power of charisma, and you will see that charisma can and must be learned.

Rizz is Oxford's word of the year for 2023  

Charisma is the ability to empower and influence others into believing in you, trusting in you, and wanting to be influenced by you.  You inspire them.  You help them see themselves in the future by carrying out your vision.  They are moved and energized by your passion and enthusiasm.  They are magnetized and driven by your charisma.  They are lifted and inspired by your optimism and expectations.  You’re a source of empowerment, encouragement, and inspiration.

Join me for this week’s podcast on Got The Rizz (Power of Charisma).  We will deep dive into what it takes to improve your Rizz Ranking and get that secret ingredient of influence.


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When negotiating, you have to be prepared for anything.  You need to know the ins and outs, the wants and needs of both sides.  The more you prepare, the more knowledge you have, and the better deal you will get.

How to Spot a Manipulator in 5 Seconds or Less

Negotiation is part of everyday life.   As they say - You deserve what you negotiate.   The challenge is negotiation has changed.   Many people are using some old-style, outdated, cheesy tactics that need to be retired.

Join me for this week’s podcast  - The Unknown And Forgotten Rules of Negotiation.  We will talk about your blunders and how to fix them to increase your success and influence.

It is a proven fact that millionaires think differently than everybody else. What beliefs are holding you back? 

​Enable your powerful subconscious mind to work for you, not against you.

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