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Based on over 20 years of study, research, and experience in the field, my findings astound even me.  People aren't won over by tactics and gimmicks.  In fact, they 're are tired of them.  A New York Times poll found that 56 percent of respondents felt you can't be too careful in dealing with most salespeople, and 34 percent said most people would try to take advantage of you if they got the chance.  When asked what they thought about persuaders, only 32 percent of respondents said, "I have a positive attitude toward salespeople."

How to Deal With Annoying or Frustrating Salespeople

So…. Are you an irritable, annoying pest or a welcomed guest?  I’ll bet you have a little bit of both in you.  There are things you are doing that attract prospects and things you are doing that repel your prospects.  Join me for this week’s podcast, Are You That Annoying, Frustrating, Irritating Salesperson?  The Science And Solutions.  Discover the traits of frustrating salespeople and learn how to implement the techniques that help you close the deal.


Stories are powerful tools for persuaders. Compelling storytelling automatically creates attention and involvement with your audience. We can all think of a time when we were in an audience and not paying attention to the speaker. We were off in our own world when we suddenly perked up and started to listen because the speaker had begun to tell a story. We sat up, listened attentively, noted what was being said, and wanted to know what would happen next.

The ability to tell a story is a powerful tool for all influencers.  What is the structure of a great story?  Is there a downside to telling a story?  What is happening in the brain when you tell a story?  How can you leverage stories to influence on command?  Join me for this week’s podcast on How Story Selling Persuades Without Detection And Under The Radar.  We will discover the lost art of story selling.



Moods, hunger and emotion can affect our thinking, judgment, and willingness to say yes. When the person you are trying to persuade is in a good mood or feeling a positive emotion, they are more likely to accept your offer.  The opposite is also true.  If they're not in a good mood or feeling a negative emotion, chances are much higher they will say no.  A good state is a huge advantage to you when it comes to persuasion.  Great persuaders create the right state.

13 Amazing Facts About Costco's Rotisserie Chicken

How to Be a Less Hangry Person

Here’s Why You Get Hangry, According to Science

So how do you get your prospect into a better state?  How do you get yourself in the right mood or state before you attempt to influence?  What about those negative emotions or dealing with those that suffer from Hanger?  Join me for this week’s podcast on How To Persuade, Understand, And Sell A Hangry, Mean Person.  We will discover the techniques to understand and flex your EQ to persuade with power.

What is the question you need to ask yourself?  Is now the time?  Are you done with mediocrity?  Is this your year?  If the answer is yes, things will start to change and improve for you.  If your answer was, hopefully, that would be nice, or maybe then we need to back up and look at your why. 

I spent 5 years interviewing 233 millionaires—here are the 6 habits that made them ultra wealthy

The goal is to understand how much potential we have.  It's been said how tall will a tree grow? And the answer is “as tall as it can.” That is so important for us to understand in today's world.  I have college students that say, “What's the least amount I can do to get a B in your class?” Or people on their jobs, what’s the least amount I can do to keep from getting fired?  That doesn’t increase happiness, and that doesn’t equal success.   How successful should you be – as successful as you can?


Want to be more successful?  Want to be a millionaire?  Join me for this weeks podcast on The Proven Simple Habits And Behaviors Of Millionaires.  You will discover that the formula is quite simple.  You just have to start thinking and acting like a millionaire.  I will reveal the tools and techniques of the super-successful.

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FOMO or the fear of missing out, is human nature 101.  When anyone feels their freedom to act or choose is restricted, they will attempt to restore it.  With this restriction or fear, we are psychologically driven to latch on to something we fear will be restricted even more.  Suddenly, that restricted item or information is even more important to us.

Can you judge trustworthiness based on looks -  Rice research says no

Join me for this week’s podcast on FOMO vs Trust -  10 Ways To Create Instant Action.  We will explore ways FOMO does work and when it doesn’t.  Also I will reveal the 10 (or more) ways to get someone to act, make a decision or instantly do what you want them to do.

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We think we are logical creatures, but most of the time, we don't know why we do what we do. The majority of influence involves a subconscious trigger. This tendency means that inclinations like "It just feels right," "I trust this person," or "I don't like this person" are all based on unconscious emotional reactions.

Conscious and Unconscious Thought Processes

So how should you sell the brain?  How can you understand what is happening in the unconscious mind?  Can you leverage this knowledge to persuade on command?  Join me for this week’s podcast on Brain Selling - How Current Brain Research Empowers You To Influence The Subconscious Mind’.  You will discover how to use the latest science to influence under the radar.



Sales professionals use words carefully. They know that one wrong word can send their prospect's mind somewhere else and lose them the sale.  Some examples of language that salespeople use to help diffuse a potentially tense situation.

Words also have a strong bearing on how we remember certain details. In one study, subjects were asked if they had headaches "frequently" or "occasionally." Those interviewed with the word "frequently" reported 2.2 headaches per week, while those interviewed with the word "occasionally" reported only 0.7 per week.

What are other subconscious triggers?  What is happening with your brain?   How can you use these triggers to become more persuasive?  Join me for this week’s podcast on The Iceberg Of Influence - Those Hidden Persuasion Subconscious Triggers.

Having courage (or being brave) does not mean you don’t feel fear.  It means you have the heart and emotional stability to face the fear and do what’s needed anyway.  This is a process of learning about yourself—who you are and what you are able to do.  Identifying your weaknesses, changing your habits, and fixing your attitude all require personal bravery. Courage is about helping yourself and helping other people become better, knowing as you grow and help others develop that you could be subject to criticism.

Laws of Charisma-Geeky Article

Join me for this week’s podcast on The Keys to Instant Courage - Fortune Favors The Bold (Brave).  I will use the acronym B.O.L.D. to define courage.  You will discover how to be more persistent, stand up for your beliefs, and have more confidence in everything you do.  If you don’t feel confident, your prospect won’t feel confident doing business with you.

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Trust is critical in persuasion. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age when people are more skeptical and mistrustful than ever.  Twenty years ago, the mindset was: “I trust you; give me a reason not to.”  Now the mindset is: “I don’t trust you; give me a reason why I should.” Trust is at an all-time low and still falling.

Global Trustworthiness Index 2022.

The Most And Least Trusted Professions In America

Lawyers per Capita by Country 2023

Trust is also magnified or diminished based on your occupation or profession. For example, medical professionals enjoy higher trust levels than lawyers do. An individual’s general trust of a certain industry or profession is dictated not only by experience, but also mainly by rumor and reputation (especially if they have had no direct experience with that industry).  All things being equal, people will do business with and refer to those people they know, like, and trust.

 Join me for this week’s podcast on World Trust trends and Tools.  I will give you the numbers from around the world about who has instant high trust and automatic low trust.  Once you discover where you rate, I will give you some tools to help build trust or the glue to the persuasion process.

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These skills are essential in persuasion and leadership.  What about managers and politicians?  Are they leaders?  Do people trust them?  Probably not.  What needs to change?  Join me for this week’s podcast on Why Politicians Are Not Leaders And Have Low Trust. 

Why Democracy Produces Incompetent Leaders – And How to Fix it

Discover how to adjust your influence/leadership style.  Find out if you are a true leader or one of those politicians/managers.  Let’s become true charismatic leaders.

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We were taught through the years that closing skills were all you needed to persuade and sell. You had to learn more closing skills if you did not sell enough people.  Nowadays, sure, it's nice to have a few closing skills in your persuasion toolbox, but shouldn't you spend more time opening up your audience before you even think about closing a deal with them?  

24 Sales Mistakes to Avoid in 2022 (and Beyond)

When closing skills are used at the wrong time, in the wrong place, or with the wrong person, another brick is added to the wall of resistance.  When people sense that they are about to be hit with a hard close, the wall increases in thickness and strength.

What other mistakes are you making in the persuasion/sales process?  What do you need to fix for 2023?  Join me for this week’s podcast on Top Sales And Persuasion Mistakes To Fix This Year.  Learn what you need to do to get better skills to persuade with power in 2023.

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